The Boyfriend Bailout Box

$ 25.00

Uhhh... uh oh, forget to get that perfect gift? Waste all of your good ideas on Christmas? Don't worry, we can help! One of our BIGGEST client is the significant other that was sent into the store or on to our website looking for something that their partner will like! We are happy to introduce to you The Boyfriend Bailout Box. A perfectly put together gift for those of you who want to come out smelling like a rose but don't really know where to start. 

The box has 3 options: 

- Accessories: enjoy a neatly packaged accessory present with 3 different accessories, enough to spice up a wardrobe and a cute, quick, financially responsible way to say "I love you, I'm thinking about you, enjoy!" - $25.00

- Clothing: A full styled outfit (2 pieces total) that is easily returnable for store credit! Includes top, bottom or dress - $50.00

- Clothing and Accessories: Why not make it memorable! 3 accessories, 3 total clothing items (full outfit inspo included) for $100

Please note, all mystery orders will be filled within 5-7 business days