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Born with a penchant for style, Lauren McKeague found her calling at an early age while designing and coloring 'elfits' (outfits) with her friends. Her love of style is what led her to pursue a degree in Visual Merchandising and Fashion Retail management from Columbia College Chicago. Once graduating Columbia, she put her degree to use working with Forever 21 and Macy's on State Street doing window displays (even helping with the famous holiday window displays).

Working hard during the day, she worked even harder at night to make her vision come to fruition. Spending about nine months crafting her business strategy, she launched Pink Slip Boutique in 2009.

With the success of Pink Slip, Lauren hasn't let up and works harder than ever. From receiving the Columbia Fashion Departments Emerging Alumni Award to styling live segments for Chicago networks like CBS, ABC, and WCIU; she still finds time to organize donations for the Glass Slipper Project and volunteer at the Bridge Teen center. Drop Lauren a line at