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Lipton Sweater
$ 62.00
The Lipton Varsity Sweater hardly saw the light of day before it sold out but it's back and fully stocked (for now!) Scoop this one up in store or online!
Nate Sweater
$ 58.00
Look at you, you cute little pumpkin wearing the Nate cardigan!
Vickers Cardigan
Sold Out
SOLD OUT! We will restock! Looking to get on the wait list: email
Johnson Sweater - Ivory
$ 32.00
Remember when we had this last year and it was so popular it sold out before we could even list it on the website and now it's recut for 2019 because it's still one of the best sweaters of all time!? #Memories.
Simms Sweater
$ 52.00
We just think that everyone is loving a popcorn cardi this year so we're getting them in every color! This coraly-orange is our favorite so far!
Nellie Sweater - Black
$ 42.00
We just thought this dictionary definition of a sweater was funny: "A sweater is a piece of clothing worn on the upper body to keep the person warm. Sweaters are usually knitted or crocheted. Other names for sweaters are pullover, jersey, or jumper. Sweaters that open in the front are often...
Cathy Cardigan
$ 48.00
We know it's only a matter of time before a VORTEX hits so be ready with our Cathy Cardi. Open front long line plaid sweater with open front and pockets. Runs large but it's meant to be worn oversized. It's the actual cutest. Available Thursday 9/19.  
Jo Leopard Varsity Sweater
$ 62.00
Be careful, you don't want to be wearing this to the Zoo and having the crowd confuse you for a real live soft fuzzy animal! Hopefully you don't bite. Leopard print open front varsity cardi.
Phyllis Sweater - Taupe
$ 48.00
BEST SELLER is back on a restock! Ivory and Taupe, it's the perfect cover up cardi for Fall. Let's accidentally spill some Pumpkin Spice Lattes on this baby!
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